I’m starting to make a frame for the house. I will connect the frame with PVA wood https://jiji.ug/safety-equipment/emergency-eyewash glue and screws on https://tonaton.com/s_252-facial-masks an oblique screw. Later, a transverse beam will lie on this beam. You can build from any available materials – wood, plywood, wooden pallets or thick cardboard. So I decided to make a playhouse for my daughter.

Playhouse for my daughter.

I additionally reinforced the frame with a 4 * 4 cm beam around the entire perimeter. Ceiling height 2.7m. https://tonaton.ug/s_56-sunglasses The height of the stairs turned out to be 1.45m. I will build with wood. I measure the desired length and saw off the timber. Previously, I made a project for the future house. Every child needs their own space where they can play, dream or just have fun with friends. In the house itself 1.25m.
There was a corner between the closet and the wall in the room.
But such houses are not durable. Toys were stored in it and it was no longer used in any way. You can build a playhouse from improvised materials, chairs, tables, dryers, bedspreads, pillows, toys are used. With corner joints, I had to suffer a little and do curly cutting. Hello everyone! The child has to build it in the morning and take it apart in the evening. I used pine timber 30*70*1500 mm. I figured that there you can make an attic house.