Monitor size: 24.6 * 15 * 2 cm It is made of plastic, the camera is clearly striking, the dimensions are simply huge IMHO, due to the material of the case, anti-vandal protection is zero (but the manufacturer did not promise it).
Into the second indoor unit with a bracket for wall mounting. Autopsy And as for me, it is suitable for offices and porches with adequate neighbors. And so on the facade there is a microphone hole, 3 IR LEDs, a camera (a huge camera), two ice indicators, the first one indicates that the camera is turned on, and the second one shows that the electronic lock, call button, and loudspeaker have opened. Packaging Although it promises protection from rain, I would not count on it. Ordinary cardboard box measuring 28.1 * 16.6 * 9.4cm The module has dimensions of 12.6 * 9.5 * 5cm Viewing angle: 92 ° Resolution: 600 TVL, Light sensor Easy here
On the back, everything is simple. 4 pins for communication with the internal monitor, 2 pins for controlling the electronic lock. Indoor unit Despite my expectations, everything inside is very decent, all elements are carefully soldered microphone, loudspeaker and camera can be disconnected with connectors. (I expected lousy soldering and hot snot). So I thought until the firemen began to call at the door to say that the neighbor’s apartment was on fire, I stubbornly froze to approach the door until I smelled the smell of smoke, “it’s good that everything worked out” Power adapter for 15v 1500 ma. inside which, neatly in two smaller boxes, the hero of the review himself.
There are 4 controls on the side 1 call volume, 2 speaker volume, 3 color , 4 brightness. On the back there are 2 connectors for connecting additional screens, 1 for connecting an external module, a connector for connecting power and a button for selecting a ringtone (there are 25 of them, including evenings near Moscow, the theme from the Titanic and the little mermaid) Installation here again, everything is decent and of high quality.
In the first outdoor unit, a power adapter, tiny dowels, a cable almost 5 meters long, instructions in English and connectors.

there is an adjusting screw on the bottom with which you can change the tilt of the camera (the external unit also rests on it. Good day to all, at first glance it may seem that the thing is useless, because who for the last ten years has not known who should come to him, otherwise you can freeze everyone and not approach the door at all.

Low cost video intercom KKmoon 7"

Resolution: 800 * 480 (RGB) Opening Display: 7" TFT LCD
Looks quite neat < br />There is an operation indicator, control keys (1 call the second internal display, 2 turn on the camera, 3 open the electronic lock, 4 turn on the sound when calling)