Ecovar Power

Ecovarpower is active in a broad range of activities by providing reliable solutions and proposing targeted improvements. With experience and expertise in the areas that have been developed, ecovarpower offers quality services at affordable cost and certainly the most value-for-money. We are committed to innovation and cutting-edge technology in every field of action, providing our customers with the tools they need and make the difference. It is ecovarpower's commitment to support our customers and associates at every step - from independent and impartial advice to their choice, to solving technical problems. All they need is to contact us to see their plan together or to talk about any difficulties they have and find the best solution. Our areas of activity are: ➤TECHNICAL SECTOR (Department of Studies and Projects) ➥EPC Services (Construction of photovoltaic and RES projects, Technical and IT projects) ➥Renewable energy ➥Consulting Services (Consulting services, diagnosis of needs, improvement of business structures) ➤ SERVICES STAFF (Custody, Cleaning, Support) ➥Security Servises (static / partols), building security, security of events) ➥Fasility Management (Provision of cleaning and operating support services to public and private customers) ➥Recycling (Management and Collection of Materials for PV Recycling) ➤ FUNCTION SUPPORT STATION ➥O & M Services (Maintenance of Power Stations and other RES projects) ➥WebSpace Services (Web site availability, web media and information management) ➥Surveillance Servises (Surveillance, Management & Improvement Performance of Photovoltaic and other RES projects) ➤ RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT STATISTICS ➥R & D team (Research & Development in RES & Surveillance Applications) ➥Safety Services (Security Technicians, Diagnosis & Improvement of Safety Conditions) ➥Engineering (RES, HM, Environmental, Economic, Agricultural Development)

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